Yesterday my boyfriend broke it off with me. I never was this upset about someone. I think it’s because I’ve loved him more than anyone. I could see myself with him for a long time. I get why he did it. We saw each other too much, we both need to work on ourselves and how we feel, he needs to work constantly, he’s going through a lot at home and our relationship just was really stressful. But unlike all the others, I know this shouldn’t have happened. I know we should still be together. I would do anything to fix our relationship. I want to better myself. I want to stop being so negative and mean. I want to lose weight to be happy with myself. I wish this was a dream and that I would wake up and everything be okay. I love him so much. Everything I love leaves. I just wish I could kiss him and hug him one more time. I’ve never felt so empty, alone, and so angry with myself. I feel like I’m dead.

My boyfriend just dumped me woohoo!!!!